College Preparation

If you are thinking about or in the process of enrolling in college, the Academic Support Division offers you the opportunity to brush up on the skills needed for you to get into and succeed in college courses. Students in the program bring their reading, writing, math and other academic skills up to the levels needed to succeed in college courses. Brush-up for the taking the COMPASS admissions test is also available. Some students refer themselves or more typically, a BTC counselor/advisor makes the referral. Once referred, students may take classes or in some cases, study individually in one of our Learning Centers. At times, classes may be taken simultaneously with credit programming.

Developmental Courses:

These courses are offered at Central and Monroe Campuses and most are offered in both structured and individualized settings. There is no charge for these classes; however, material fees may be charged.

Developmental Math Preparation:

  • Allied Health Professionals Math
  • Pharmacology Math
  • Nursing Math
  • Radiography Math
  • Intro to Algebra and Geometry
  • Algebra and Geometry for Business and Industry
  • General Math Review
  • ModuMath Algebra
  • Geometry

Developmental Communications Preparation:

  • Communications Review

Developmental Reading Preparation:

  • Reading for the Health Professions
  • Medical Terminology

Developmental Science Preparation:

  • Chemistry Prep
  • Anatomy and Physiology Prep
  • Non-Human Biology
  • Physics Prep
  • Pharmacology Prep
  • Health
  • Science Review


  • Employability
  • Study Skills

General College Courses:

Intro to College Writing, Intro to College Reading amd Pre-Algebra courses are required for students who need additional preparation in order to be successful in General Education Courses. Students are placed into these course based on COMPASS entry test scores. These courses are offered at Central, Monroe and Beloit campus locations. See course schedule for specific times. These courses are tuition and fee bearing; however, the credits earned do not apply to a program. The following skills are covered in the General College Courses:

Intro to College Writing:

  • Basic principles of composition in writing paragraphs and multi-paragraph documents
  • Development, unity and coherence
  • Review of grammar, mechanics, and sentence structure

Intro to College Reading:

  • Basic principles of reading comprehension improvement
  • Finding main ideas and supporting details
  • Identifying relationships
  • Making inferences
  • Vocabulary development


  • Introduction to Equations and Algebraic Expressions
  • Fractions, Rates and Proportions
  • Polynomials
  • Solving Equations
  • Decimals and Percents