How is the GED Scored?

The scores on the GED test are standardized. The standards were set by giving the test to typical high school seniors throughout the nation before the test was officially implemented. The test makers then developed a scale of standard scores based on the performance of this group. In Wisconsin, an examine must satisfy the following minimum standard score requirements.

The GED test will have a passing scroe of 150 on each test part.  Therefore, you will need to reach a score of at least 150 on each part and a total score of 600 across the four-part battery in order to receive your GED test credential.  You may also earn "Honors" score if you receive a score of 170 on a test part.

  • Below Passing: 100 - 149
  • Passing Score: 150 - 169
  • Honors Passing Score: 170 - 200

If you do not pass a test, you need to wait 30 days to retake the same test.