Learning Centers

The Academic Support Division offers support services, tutoring and individualized classroom and computer assisted instruction in its Learning Centers.

Learning Center, Room 2213:

  • Lab Tutoring for math and science
  • Program class preparation with an emphasis on math and science courses
  • Individualized and classroom instruction
  • Math and writing skills brush up courses  
  • Assessment of academic skills
  • GED/HSED Preparation
  • See ASD in a Nutshell for schedule

Communication Skills Learning Center, Room 2218

  • Lab Tutoring for Communication
  • Individualized and classroom instruction focusing on:
    • Composition Preparation
    • English Refresher
    • Writing Remediation
    • GED/HSED Preparation

Computer Assisted Learning Center, Room 2214

  • Lab Tutoring for reading, communication and study skills
  • Individualized, classroom and computer-assisted instruction focusing on:
    • Reading
    • Communication 
    • Math
    • GED/HSED
    • Skill Refresher 
  • English Language Learners' classes (ELL)

Student Resource Learning Center, Room 2209

  • Support Services for Students with Disabilities including:
    • Tutorial assistance
    • Testing accommodations
    • Note takers
    • Liaison with classroom instructors
    • Coordination of support services within BTC and in the community
    • Alternative formats for textbooks
    • Registration Assistance
    • Assistive technology
    • Interpreting for students who are deaf and hard of hearing
    • Computer accessibility