Transition Services for Students with Disabilities

Transition Services is the bridge that provides that additional support for you to be successful in your next journey from high school or community to BTC. Transition Services assist students explore BTC programs and enroll into the college.  We offer a wide range of activities for high school and adult students to discover programs that may be a good fit with your interests and abilities. 

High School Options

Did you know there are many activities students may participate in at BTC while still enrolled in high school?   Youth options  and Youth Apprenticeship  are two common programs students may benefit from.  These programs give you in-depth experience about various careers.   If you decide to take advantage of these great opportunities, don’t forget to request the proper accommodations.  The Youth Apprenticeship /Youth Options Guidelines for Students with Disabilities  will guide you how to request accommodations before the beginning of the semester.

Knowing all of the steps from high school to post-secondary education can be overwhelming.  You may find the Opening Doors  booklet helpful to navigate the different options as you explore post-secondary endeavors. Opening Doors explains the transition process from high school to post-secondary education.

Campus Tours

Touring Blackhawk Technical College is a great experience for you to see all that the college has to offer.  You will learn valuable information about programs and services offered on campus.  We will try to tailor your tour based on your needs.   Individual or group tours are available and usually last 30-45 minutes depending on the size of the group.

Career Exploration

Choosing a career can be exciting and overwhelming.  Working with Transition Staff will help you explore all of your options and how BTC fits into the equation.  Take advantage of hands-on activities through the Admissions Office such as Tech Exploration Days

Still undecided?  As part of your transition plan, schedule a time to complete a career assessment and learn how your interest and skills match potential careers.   Contact Disability Resource Services to schedule an appointment by calling (608) 743-4422.

Application Process

Students should APPLY EARLY! Applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

To apply students should:

  1. Mail completed application form with the $30 application fee and high school transcripts to the Admissions Office.
  2. To qualify for testing accommodations please forward documentation a minimum of two days prior to Compass testing.
  3. Complete the Compass test with accommodations. Contact Diane Murphy at (608) 743-4422 or to schedule an appointment.
  4. Determine how to pay for tuition. Decide whether to apply for financial aid; contact the financial aid office for assistance.

Transition Planning

Staff will meet with students to develop academic or vocational goals. The Transition Checklist may be a helpful planning tool.

Study Skills Workshop

Are you a recent high school graduate?  This workshop teaches covers: study strategies, the differences between high school and college, team building skills, test-taking techniques and much more. The workshop is scheduled in early August every year.  Please contact Disability Resource Services at 608-743-4422 for the most up-to-date schedule.