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About the Blackhawk Technical College Alumni Association

The Mission

The Purpose of the Blackhawk Technical College Alumni Association is to develop stronger relationships between graduates, former students, and friends, and to support and promote the goals, activities, and interests of the College within the Community. The Alumni Association implements its mission in partnership with the college’s Student Services Office. Together, we will successfully implement the following priorities.

Celebrating Blackhawk

The Alumni Association will be a leading voice in sharing with alumni the College’s vision and the accomplishments of the students, faculty, and staff of Blackhawk Technical College. The Alumni Association will also celebrate the accomplishments of alumni, both great and small, as the backbone of what makes our College great.

Creating and Maintaining Life Long Connections

The Alumni Association will be active in engaging alumni through programs on and off campus that expand and strengthen the connections between them and our alma mater. This engagement will come through educational programs (working with students and faculty), arts programs and other activities. Through increased use of technology, alumni will be connected with and informed of the College’s programs and activities and enabled to connect with and network with one another, individually and through alumni clubs.

Ensuring Stewardship of the Future

The Alumni Association will develop and engage alumni leaders to assure the future stewardship of College’s traditions, heritage and academic excellence. The Alumni Association will reach out to all alumni to encourage everyone to play a role in these efforts.

  • Identification of and Recognition for Alumni Leaders
  • Alumni Leadership Diversity
  • Connection Between Engagement and Development
  • Future Role of Alumni Association


All Blackhawk Technical College alumni are entitled to a complimentary membership in the BTC Alumni Association. Alumni include all graduates of degree and certificate programs at Blackhawk Technical College. Just register below and find out more about the wonderful benefits to being part of the BTC Alumni Association. Interested in getting more involved with the Alumni Association? For more information, please contact Terese Craig,, Director of Resource Development and Community Relations, 608-757-7704.

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