Students are required to purchase their own textbooks and supplies. While it is not mandatory, students will usually find it convenient to purchase materials from the campus bookstore, which is a contracted service. The policy for a refund on book purchases is posted at the bookstore. Because faculty members may determine their textbooks for each course, it is recommended students obtain their required textbooks and workbooks after attending the first class.

The bookstore has a wide range of textbooks, educational materials, and school supplies available to you.

Please contact the bookstore at 608-757-7672 for more specific information or access their website. Services you can access via Follett's website include reserving and pre-paying online and then picking up in the store and buying online and having your books shipped. You must have a credit card to have the books shipped, or to prepay!

Click here for current bookstore hours of operation

Contact the Bookstore by e-mail  |  Visit the Bookstore Online