Human Resources

Associate of Applied Science Degree

The Human Resource Program prepares students to assist small to mid-sized organizations in effectively recruiting, developing, and utilizing their human resources. You ll learn how to maximize the human potential for the benefit of the organization. This field of employment requires knowledge and skills in the following areas: occupational job analysis, compensation, benefits, training, staffing, employee relations, safety, and human resources information systems. Careers such as HR Generalists or HR Specialists can be found in any non-profit, service or manufacturing organization. Human Resource Specialists can focus on areas such as employee recruitment/interviewing, employee training and development, wages and compensation, benefits, employee wellness, and occupational analysis. Students will have an opportunity to prepare for various related certifications such as from the Society for Human Resources (SHRM) and OSHA.

If the following profile describes you, then a career in Human Resource Management may be in your future:

  • I like meeting new people and figuring out how they may fit into our organization.
  • I enjoy welcoming new people to the organization. 
  • I like to show people how to do things. I like teaching people.
  • I appreciate a fair and respectful workplace; and promote wellness and safety-first attitudes.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Recruit and interview qualified candidates for available positions
  • Coordinate and conduct new employee orientations
  • Maintain personnel records and human resources information systems
  • Administer payroll and benefit programs
  • Organize health and safety programs
  • Coordinate employee training and education
  • Plan and implement employee relations activities
  • Understand employment law in order to assist managers and supervisors
  • Provide leadership with employee relations and EEO initiatives
  • Assist HR managers in larger organizations

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