IT- Web Software Developer

Associate of Applied Science Degree

The IT- Web Software Developer Associate of Applied Science Degree meets the specific skills and knowledge requirements of technical and professional jobs within the information technology field for Web development specialists including analyst /programmer, e-Commerce, or Web design/support. It is designed to meet entry-level education needs of most segments of the IT field which utilize a variety of computers. Training blends general educational development and required IT technical skills. Graduates are prepared for entry-level Web developer jobs in government, insurance, manufacturing, service, software development, wholesale and retail sales, utilities, banking and accounting.

In response to employer and student demand for additional educational opportunities, BTC has created a pathway certificate within the IT-Web Software Developer Program called IT-Web Designer/Developer Technician.  This certificate can be earned while taking courses within the main program.  The additional opportunity provides students a set of industry recognized skills and abilities that will prepare them for entry level employment.

If the following profile describes you, then a career as an Information Technology Web Analyst or Programmer may be in your future:

  • I like using the Internet.
  • I like puzzles and figuring out different ways to put things together (recipes or algorithms).
  • I would like to learn how to create things that end-up on the Internet.
  • I am interested in working to solve typical and not-so-typical business problems.

Program Outcomes –
Upon completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Write moderately complex Web applications using current Enterprise Java technology
  • Write moderately complex Web applications using current Microsoft technology
  • Process data in a relational database using the SQL command set
  • Perform entry-level systems analysis and design work to solve business problems using both traditional and object-oriented methodologies
  • Build the client side of interactive Web sites using (X)HTML and scripting languages
  • Demonstrate work ethics and reliable behavior including, but not limited to, assuming responsibility for decisions and actions, utilizing time and stress managements skills, and displaying initiative
  • Work as a team member by demonstrating good communication and listening skills, cooperation, and providing a supportive environment
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the IT field and its job roles

Helpful High School Courses:

  • Algebra and Math
  • Computer Science
  • General knowledge of Microsoft Windows
  • Internet Experience