IT .NET Developer

(12 Credits) Certificate 99-9126

Completion of the IT-.NET Developer Certificate develops your Visual Basic .Net and C# programming skills. Server-side and client-side applications will be created using the ASP.NET framework. Prior knowledge of programming logic, Web development, database concepts, and programming is recommended, but not required. You may apply these courses to an Associate Degree in IT-Web Analyst/Programmer.

Certificate Outcomes

  • Build the client side of interactive Web sites using (X)HTML and scripting languages
  • Build the server side of interactive Web sites using ASP.NET, PHP, or other server-side languages
  • Write moderately complex Web applications using current LAMP Microsoft technologies
  • Demonstrate work ethics and reliable behavior including, but not limited to, assuming responsibility for decisions or actions, utilizing time and stress management skills, and displaying initiative

Course Course Name Credits
152-119 Intro to Prog w/JavaScript 3
Intro to .NET Programming 3
Web Application Devel ASP.NET1
152-167 AJAX & JavaScript Web Develop1 3

1 Course has prerequisites