Marketing Generalist Certificate

(20 credits)

Completion of the Marketing Generalist Certificate will provide you with a foundation in marketing and website implementation and maintenance. This certificate will complement your business career as every business must apply marketing elements to achieve success. The knowledge and skills attained in this certificate are particularly helpful when starting a business or when seeking professional development. You may apply these courses to an Associate Degree in Marketing.

Certificate Outcomes

  • Develop the foundational knowledge and core competencies necessary for today’s marketing activities
  • Develop strategies to anticipate and satisfy market needs
  • Evaluate information through the market research process to make business decisions

Course Course Name Credits
104-102 Marketing Principles 3
104-104 Selling Principles 3
104-108 Website Admin for Marketers1 2
104-109 Social Media Marketing1 3
104-117 Integrated Marketing Comm1 3
104-160 Marketing Research 3
801-195 Written Communication 3

1 Course has prerequisites.