Registry Administrator Credential

The six course, 18 credit sequence, leading to The Registry Administrator Credential is based on the competencies needed by child care center administrators as identified by The Registry, the leadership training courses at Wheelock College from 1975-1993, and the work of Gwen Morgan, Joe Perreault and Nancy Travis.

Those who will benefit from this training include administrators and supervisors from full day and half day early care and education programs including: child care centers, family child care homes, Head Start, Pre-Kindergarten, early intervention programs and preschool or nursery schools. The courses are also designed to train new leadership for early childhood programs by preparing child care staff to assume increased responsibility and to provide orientation for others from related professions who wish to work in early childhood programs.

Effective February 1, 2009, The Department of Children and Families requires completion of the credential for directors of group child care programs licensed for 51 or more children within three years of assuming the position. Directors of programs licensed for 50 or fewer children will need to take one of the courses in the credential within one year of assuming the position.

Course Name Credits Lec-Lab
307-126 Administration/Supervision in Early Childhood Programs: Roles
and Responsibilities
3 3 - 0
307-127 Operations Management in Early Childhood Programs 3 3 - 0
307-128 Financial Management and Planning in Early Childhood
3 3 - 0
307-129 Early Childhood Programs and the External Environment 3 3 - 0
307-130 Best Practices for Children and Families in Early Childhood
3 3 - 0
307-125  Administrative Seminar 3 3 - 0