Registry Preschool Credential

The Preschool Credential was developed with courses from the Wisconsin Technical College System Statewide Curriculum for the Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education.

Those who will benefit from this training include preschool teachers, teacher’s assistants, program directors and administrators from full day and half day early care and education programs including: child care centers, family child care homes, Head Start, Pre-Kindergarten, early intervention programs and preschool or nursery schools.

It is recommended that the student first enroll in Foundations of Early Childhood Education followed by Child Development. The Preschool Capstone will be taken last. Other than this suggested order, there are no prerequisites for the other credential courses.

Course Name Credits Lec-Lab
307-148 Foundation of Early Childhood Education 3 3 - 0
307-179 Child Development 3 3 - 0
307-167 Health, Safety and Nutrition 3 3 - 0
307-178 Art, Music & Language 3 3 - 0
307-188 Guiding Children’s Behaviors 3 3 - 0
307-100 Preschool Capstone 3 3 - 0