IT-Network Specialist

Associate of Applied Science Degree

The Network Specialist Associate of Applied Science Degree prepares students for a career in computer network support and integrated technology in order to meet business demands for information sharing. Students receive training in network design, installation, troubleshooting, administration, security and management.

After completing this program, the student will have covered basic topic areas needed for the MCSA, Net+, A+, Security + and CCNA certifications.

In response to employer and student demand for additional educational opportunities, BTC has created a pathway certificate within the IT-Network Specialist program called IT-Network Technician.  This certificate can be earned while taking courses within the main program.  The additional opportunity provides students a set of industry recognized skills and abilities that will prepare them for entry level employment.

If the following profile describes you, then a career as an Information Technology Network Specialist may be in your future:

  • Have you taught yourself about technology in order to fulfill a personal goal such as creating a blog, a website, or a database for your movie collection?
  • Do you feel you have to have the latest technology?
  • Do you insist on setting-up your own computer network at home?
  • Do you enjoy solving computer problems for friends and family?

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Implement computer networks
  • Implement client systems
  • Implement server operating systems
  • Implement network security components
  • Develop technical documentation
  • Troubleshoot network systems
  • Apply system analysis and design concepts
  • Manage an Information Technology project from inception to implementation

Helpful High School Courses:

  • Keyboarding and Software Applications
  • PC Hardware Installation
  • Internet Applications
  • Web Page Design
  • Algebra and math
  • Business and information technology
  • English and Speech