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On this site, you can learn more about the many ways we offer Career Services to meet your employment needs and, in turn, grow our economy. Please take a few minutes to explore the information on these pages and let us know how we can assist you. Need more information?

Contact Us: Email Career Services  or call (608) 757-6329

Thank you for your interest in Blackhawk Technical College students and alumni!

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Recruit on Campus

On Campus recruiting is a great opportunity to connect with BTC students and upcoming graduates. Choose either formal  or informal recruitment.

Formal Recruitment 

Interview preselected candidates at a BTC campus. Call us to make arrangements: Career Services at 608.757.6329. Submit your Job Openings. Students will then submit resumes and we will schedule appointments for an interview on the date chosen. Students will be informed in advance that this is a formal interview and should approach it in a professional manner.

Informal Recruitment 

Reserve a table in the commons at a BTC campus to recruit students/graduates for your position openings. The placement of the table will be positioned to allow for direct student traffic. This type of recruiting is promoted as a casual “come as you are” atmosphere. Please feel free to bring signs, banners, or displays that you feel may better enhance your visibility. Submit your Job Opening 

Please Note: A primary qualification of all submitted job openings must be an anticipated or acquired degree from one of BTC’s programs.

Need more information-call or email us: Career Services or (608) 757-6329

Wage Information 

Find current Wisconsin wage data for many occupations here.


This is a great opportunity for you as an employer to try out potential employees and possibly hire permanently at low hiring costs The “new hire’s” value to the company may be increased by the fact that they need little to no training.

An internship is a great time to mentor the next generation of skilled  Student interns gain experience in their field, network and gain school credit.

Interested? Contact us or phone: (608) 743-4597