Mission, Vision & Guiding Principles

Our Mission
Empower our Students ~ Enrich our Communities

Our Vision
Blackhawk Technical College is a valued and integral partner in a prosperous and vital region.

Our Guiding Principles

These are the principles that will guide our actions, activities, and decisions as a college:

Community-Focus:  We seek to understand and respond to the needs of our district’s students, employers, and citizens.

Partnerships: We make the best use of our resources by working collaboratively with community business, education, economic, and nonprofit partners.

Transparent Communication:  We communicate clearly and frequently so that information flows vertically and horizontally through the organization.

Accountability:  We accept responsibility for our actions and we follow through on our agreements.

Campus Community:  We create an inclusive college community where all students and employees feel welcome and supported in achieving their goals.

Interdependence:  We recognize that we are interconnected both within our college and with the communities we serve and consider both intended and unintended consequences of our decisions and actions.

Data-Informed Decisions:  We appropriately use both qualitative and quantitative data in making decisions.

Forward-Focused:  We are focused on the future and ready to move in new and innovative ways.