Strategic Priorities

Blackhawk Technical College as a Key Economic Driver - We want Blackhawk Technical College to be a key draw for business and industry thinking of relocating in our area.  We want Blackhawk Technical College to be a primary catalyst for business and industry expansion in our area.  We want to be recognized as the primary provider of highly trained and skilled workers in our area.  Blackhawk will be a key player in all economic development efforts in both Rock and Green Counties.

Student Recruitment, Retention, and Success - We want to strengthen student recruitment and assessment models and practices, as well as increase enrollment of under-represented student populations. Our aim is to improve retention rates and have higher course completion and high graduation rates. We want a consistently high percentage of our students finding life-supporting jobs in their field of study.

A Diverse and Inclusive Environment - Our aim is to create an environment of inclusiveness, where students and employees are a mix of age, race, gender, religion, physical abilities, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status reflective of the workplace and this district and country.  We want all to feel valued and welcome.  We seek to be a culturally competent organization.

Enhanced Organizational Effectiveness & Engagement - We want greater input into decision making—a more inclusive governance structure.  We want to improve our systems and processes to be as efficient and effective as possible.  We want increased communication, flowing vertically and horizontally both internally and externally.

New Resources - We need to develop new sources of funding to support the College.  We want to grow the Foundation, increase the number of grants, and grow our partnerships with business and industry, putting into place systems that will allow us to do this on a continuing basis.