Student Complaint Submission and Resolution

Student Complaints

There are multiple access points where students can submit ideas, formal concerns, and complaints. Complaints are divided into two categories including (a) informal – those concerns or complaints recommending improvements (e.g. parking, food service, sidewalk maintenance); and (b) formal – those requesting or requiring immediate action (e.g. policy or practice dispute, academic). Additional concerns may be received in the form of feedback from various surveys.

General Student Complaint Procedure

General student complaints are received by the Vice President of Student Services and may be written or verbal.

Written Complaints

Not all communications with discontented students will necessarily involve the creation of a complaint. For example, a student may have a concern that can be easily resolved without the need to make a formal complaint.

1. When a complaint is received in writing, it is acknowledged within seven working days.
2. An investigation into the complaint is conducted.
3. The complainant is advised of the decision taken as soon as possible.
4. Normally, this is completed within seven working days of the date of the acknowledgement letter.
5. However, if the investigation takes longer than seven days, the complainant is kept informed of the progress made in the investigation of the complaint.

Verbal Complaints

When a complaint is submitted verbally:

1. A letter of acknowledgement is provided to the complainant and includes a statement of what is understood to be the nature of the complaint.
2. The complainant is invited to confirm in writing the accuracy of the statement.
3. Additionally, when a verbal complaint is received, a complaint report is completed regarding the complaint in order to assist in any investigation required.
4. Complaints must be filed within twenty school days from the date of the alleged violation.
5. The College reviews the complaint only after the student attempts to resolve the matter through applicable College appeals or complaint processes.
6. By signing and submitting a complaint form, the complainant agrees to provide requested information and/or respond to questions about the complaint; failure to provide requested information or respond to questions about the complaint may result in the College dismissing the complaint.

Students who attend a college that is part of the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) can file complaints at the state level at the following WTCS link: 

WTCS Student Complaints