Mentoring Program

Community mentors work with Blackhawk Technical College students, promoting academic excellence and campus engagement, in cooperation with other BTC faculty and staff.

Mentor Application

Community  mentors are responsible for the following:

1.    A one semester commitment to the Mentor Program and discuss continued involvement with the Mentor Program Coordinator.

2.     Providing accurate information about their career field and/or community resources.

3.     Making Effective Referrals

  •  Keep a list of  community resources available
  •  Pay particular attention to expressed needs and implied needs. A referral may be necessary.
     Reach out to Mentor Program Coordinator if a referral is needed. 
  •  Document concerns and referrals made on a monthly contact sheet.

3. Be organized

  • Hand in monthly status reports/paperwork in a timely manner
  • Paperwork is to be handed in no later than the last Friday of each month by 5:00 p.m.

4. Be comfortable working with diverse students. Blackhawk Technical College serves a variety of
    students with various experiences.

5.  Attend trainings/meetings

  •   Be able to attend a training session held at the beginning of the semester (2-3 hours) .
  •   Plan to touch base with the mentees 4-5 hours/month (recommend 2- 4 monthly meetings for 1 hour
      each) either in the community or on campus.
  •   Fill out a monthly status update available online and submit to the peer mentor coordinator at  the end
      of every month.
  •   Attend one-on-one meeting with peer mentor coordinator once a semester.

6.     Your mentee

  •    Maintain weekly contact with each mentee- via email/text/phone calls
  •    Schedule and attend at least two face to face meetings with each mentee per month
  •    Communicate with peer mentor coordinator regularly.
  •    Maintain at least two mentees on your caseload