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Blackhawk Technical College provides students with work experience and skill sets to prepare them for their desired career. Since faculty members must be able to teach and evaluate practical skills, there are a variety of credentials required.

Education/Certification Requirements
Educational requirements seem to vary depending on the subject you are hired to teach and the school. At minimum, an associate’s degree and/or certification in the subject matter is required. Some positions require bachelor’s or master’s degrees.

Blackhawk Technical College strives to ensure quality education by adhering to the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) Certification Requirements. As one of 16 Technical College Districts, we require certification and recertification of instructors, counselors, librarians, instructional specialists, instructional supervisors, instructional administrators, instructional-related supervisors, and instructional-related administrators.

Most Academic and Occupational Instructors are granted Provisional Certification upon employment in the WTCS. Academic Instructors must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with a minor in the subject area taught (or 20 credits in the subject area) and 2,000 hours of non-educational work experience. Occupational Instructors must have a bachelor’s degree and 4,000 hours of related-work experience. Occupational Instructors may also have the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree, which is related occupational experience combined with education and training totaling 14,000 hours.

Instructors holding Provisional Certification are ultimately working toward Five-Year Certification, which is granted upon completion of the following seven required education courses:

  • Curriculum or Course Construction
  • Philosophy of Vocational, Technical and Adult Education
  • Teaching Methods
  • Educational Psychology
  • Educational Evaluation
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Educational Diversity

Questions about certification at Blackhawk Technical College can be directed to Sandy McNutt, Certification Specialist, at (608) 757-7738 or to Brian Gohlke, Certification Officer, at (608) 757-7773.

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Supervisory Skills
Faculty members are usually required to observe and evaluate while students perform practical tasks necessary for their new career. Instructors must have the ability to interact well with students and evaluate competencies.

Organizational, Oral, and Written Skills
Good organization and communication skills are important for teaching at a technical college. Faculty is responsible for conveying information to students in an understandable manner and should be comfortable answering students' questions.

Faculty should also be aware of the curriculum in their instructional area and be willing to contribute ideas to it. They may be required to interact with other faculty and administration regarding curriculum development.

Additionally, faculty must be able to maintain good records by tracking test scores, evaluations, and projects necessary for student success. They should also be able to create tests and write evaluations as needed.

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Questions about employment at BTC can be directed to Elaine Schultz, Employment Specialist, at (608) 743-4421.