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Associate Degree Programs

These programs are organized to provide day and evening educational opportunities at the two-year associate degree level. The overall objective is the creation of an atmosphere of inquiry and learning in which students are guided in their pursuit of the understanding, appreciation, knowledge, and skills essential to their active and effective participation in their home, occupational, and civic lives.

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs include a grouping of only those courses which are essential to prepare a student for successful employment in specific occupations. Certificates may be awarded for completion of an educational offering not described under diploma or associate degree program criteria by the department that has responsibility for the program.

Diploma Programs

Diploma programs provide more extensive training on a broader base in a more complex work area. This training leads to greater employment opportunity and advancement possibilities.

Diploma programs may be less than one year, one year, or two years in length. Occupational skills course work comprises a minimum of 80 percent of the total class time spent in these programs. Supportive related course work may constitute the remaining curricular requirements. Related instruction for apprenticeship is included as a diploma program.

Apprenticeship Programs

Apprentice training allows you to learn while you earn through a formal training agreement that combines on the job training with related theoretical and practical classroom instruction. The term of training may vary from one to six or more years, depending on the trade. Upon completion of the apprenticeship, the student is issued a certificate of completion from the Bureau of Apprenticeship and training. This certificate is nationally-recognized.