Associate Degree Programs

These programs are organized to provide day and evening educational opportunities at the two-year associate degree level. The overall objective is the creation of an atmosphere of inquiry and learning in which students are guided in their pursuit of the understanding, appreciation, knowledge, and skills essential to their active and effective participation in their home, occupational, and civic lives.

The specific objective is to prepare students for entry into or advancement in occupations which depend on technical information and on an understanding of the laws and principles of mathematics, science, and technology relevant to modern design, production, distribution, and service.

Associate degree programs require successful completion of a minimum of 64 semester credit hours of course work of which 32 must have been courses dealing with the major field of instruction. At least 25 percent of these semester hours must have been earned at the institution awarding the degree. The distribution of course credits may vary according to the type of degree program in which the student is enrolled.

Associate Degree Programs: