Leadership Development

The following descriptions represent the variety of training offerings that can be made available to your organization. Each can be customized and/or combined with others to produce the training solution you seek. Please contact Colleen Koerth at 608-743-4597.

Time Planning and Management
This one day course will provide practical techniques for controlling time and making it a manageable resource. Participants will learn to clarify objectives and plan for results; conquer procrastination; delegate effectively; set group goals and priorities; eliminate time wasters and handle interruptions. An overview of Outlook fundamentals will also be provided as a tool to support this planning and management method.

Personal Career Development Methods
Map Your Success Path – you are in charge! Today, more than ever before, you are in control of your future. This practical, fast paced course will provide participants with the methods to tap into their natural talents and abilities and increase their personal and professional performance. Meet with us for 2 mornings and plan your career path.

Managing and Leading Change 
Motivating employees to navigate successfully through organizational change requires supervisors and managers who create an effective working environment based on trust, openness and positive intent. Participants develop strategies for leading their employees to approach the ever-changing work environment in a positive and productive way. This 2-day interactive and experiential learning event combines hands-on activities that demonstrate tolerance for change with the necessary tools to communicate, implement and survive change.

Interviewing Skills 
This 4-hour course covers the entire selection process – from developing recruiting strategies to making a good hiring decision. In addition to outlining the interview process, participants practice designing behavioral-based interview questions. Participants will learn how to avoid some of the interviewing pitfalls and will gain a better understanding of how to handle legal issues.

Conducting Meetings
Examine the basics of planning, preparing, and conducting meetings. This one day course explores the roles of the facilitator, subject matter expert, minutes taker, and participant. Four types of meetings are described. An overview of Microsoft Outlook fundamentals will also be provided as a tool to support this planning and management method.

Presentation Skills
This 2-day, 16-hour course focuses on the preparation and delivery of a clear, concise message to an audience. Content includes organization of information to accomplish a specific purpose, and emphasizes effective delivery that is dynamic and convincing. In addition to verbal, visual and written materials, participants practice presenting which will be videotaped to assist in self-improvement. An overview of Microsoft PowerPoint fundamentals will be provided as a tool to support these presentation skills.

Group Problem Solving
This 4-hour course demonstrates how team leaders can guide the group problem solving process. The learning activities emphasize the importance of laying a solid foundation for decisions by dealing directly with individual assumptions and root causes. Participants will learn how to help team members solve problems by using the combined strength of the team.

Dealing with Unacceptable Behavior
Participants will get expert advice on disciplining workers whose performance does not measure up. This course takes participants through the stages of the discipline process, from recognizing the problem and assessing its severity, to intervention strategies, to formal termination process. Participants will also learn the communication skills that are critical to an open dialogue with the problem worker.

Conflict Resolution
This course focuses on understanding the nature of conflict and improving work conflict situations. Discover how to keep conflicts, disagreements and out-of-control emotions from harming important working and personal relationships.

Working Together Effectively
This highly interactive, experiential team learning course gives managers, supervisors and team leaders the understanding and skills they need to lead successful teams. The two day program helps participants meet the demands of leading teams in organizations wishing to expand the involvement, commitment, capabilities and leadership responsibility of teams.

COLORS: A Team Building Tool
We will introduce a simple personality tool using 4 basic colors to help you identify your unique personality style (color). This easy-to-use system, developed from the complex Myers Briggs Type Indicator, is an effective way to see ourselves and to understand other styles.