Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma

The following descriptions represent the variety of training offerings that can be made available to your organization. Each can be customized and/or combined with others to produce the training solution you seek. Please contact Colleen Koerth at 608-743-4597 for more information.

8-D Problem Solving Process
This two day program will explore the 8-D Model, a very specific, team based problem-solving methodology. The 8-D Problem Solving Process is used to identify and define problems, analyze data, define root causes, implement permanent corrective action, and prevent recurrences. The use of this data driven method by your organization can change the culture from reaction-based (firefighting) to process management (fire conditions detection and prevention).

Principles of Lean Manufacturing
Principles of Lean Manufacturing is fast becoming the standard for Wisconsin manufacturers who want to know more about lean manufacturing. This 8 hour workshop, which includes live simulations, is the first step to becoming a lean manufacturer. The results of the simulation provide the setting for continuous improvement applying lean manufacturing principles. You will walk away with a solid understanding of 8 key wastes in manufacturing, specifically how your business can benefit from tackling waste head-on, and what steps to take next.

Lean for the Office
This one day workshop will provide a general overview of Lean Thinking. It will introduce the various lean concepts and their application to office and administrative processes. It will also provide the participants an opportunity to apply the concepts by use of a simulated office.

5S workshop
The 5S workshop is a one day program that provides detailed training in the techniques of sort, set aside, shine, standardize and sustain. The system as a whole creates a workspace that allows for minimized waste. Not only do the five steps help to ensure that time will be spent doing more productive activities, but it also reduces the chance of error, rework and injury which are all high cost activities. This workshop will provide you with specific strategies for making sustainable improvements in your work place so that you can take the strategies back to your company and begin implementing them immediately.

Six Sigma Overview
This one day program provides an overview of Six Sigma as a problem solving and process improvement discipline. Origins, basic overview, and concept demonstrations will be provided, including comparing and contrasting Six Sigma to Lean enterprise and other current improvement methodologies. We will discuss case studies illustrating application to manufacturing, logistics and service industries. Please bring a simple function calculator.