Manufacturing Skills Standards Certification

The Manufacturing Skill Standards Certification (MSSC) is a nationwide, industry-led training, assessment, and certification system focused on the core skills and knowledge needed by advanced manufacturing production workers. MSSC offers industry a new set of tools to ensure that employees are flexible, easily trainable, and highly motivated knowledge workers in high-performance organizations. The MSSC system awards the Certified Production Technician (CPT) credential to individuals who pass all four module assessments - Safety, Quality Practices and Measurement, Manufacturing Processes and Production, and Maintenance Awareness

MSSC certification at Blackhawk Technical College is a three step process:

  1. Baseline – Pre-assessment and Orientation to MSSC – At the completion of this step, your instructor will recommend a path forward. This one session investigates all four content modules.
  2. Training – Depending upon pre-assessment scores in each of the four content areas, your training options could be any combination of the following:
    a. Registering for the Certification Assessment directly without additional training if module pre-test score was high and your level in manufacturing experience is high. (see #3 below) 
    b. Fast Track (100% on-line) may be the choice for modules with medium-high scores and your level of manufacturing experience is moderate. Attendance at a 3-hour kickoff session is required to receive log-in ID and orientation to MSSC. 
    c. Blended training will be your best opportunity for success for modules with low scores and/or low manufacturing experience. Includes five (5) 4-hour classroom sessions along with online activity.
  3. Certification Assessment – MSSC assessments are available for each of four modules. Each online assessment contains multiple-choice questions and requires 75-90 minutes to complete. Although it is not necessary to complete training before taking an assessment, Blackhawk Technical College recommends participation in the module training prior to the assessment.

Contact Colleen Koerth at 608-743-4597 for additional information.

To see what is happening nationwide:

MSSC - Baseline and Orientation
This is the recommended first step toward MSSC Certification. You will learn about of the value of MSSC certification to the employee, employer, and the manufacturing sector. This 4-hour session includes discussions, demonstrations of MSSC training options and MSSC Assessments. You will take a pre-test of each of the four modules (Safety, Quality, Manufacturing, and Maintenance). Results of the pre-tests will help guide you through the MSSC certification process. Your instructors will counsel you on a recommended path and answer your questions.

MSSC Modules
Delivery is available in Fast Track (100% online and self-paced) or Blended (50/50 classroom/online) formats depending upon your plan for success.

MSSC - Safety
Learn about safety in the manufacturing environment from the use of personal protective equipment to various procedures and guidelines established by OSHA. You will recognize the importance of safety audits as well as procedures in assisting with safety audits. You will learn to identify unsafe conditions and how to take steps to resolve them. The goal is to prepare you for the MSSC Safety Assessment. This class is recommended to be the first class you take in the sequence of the MSSC modules.

MSSC - Quality Practices and Measurement
This class focuses on the measurement of product and comparing results to specifications. You will learn about many of the tools used in the quality process including gages and data collection instruments. Learn how to communicate quality problems through a quality system and how to take some corrective actions when problems are found. The reading of specifications and blueprints will be taught as they apply to quality measurements. The goal is to prepare you for the MSSC Quality Assessment.

MSSC - Manufacturing Processes and Production
This module focuses on understanding customer needs in a manufacturing environment. Your customer may be the end user of the product or the person next down the process line from where you are stationed. Learn the value of setting production goals and coordinating workflow in a team environment. Examine many types of production scenarios. The goal is to prepare you for the MSSC Manufacturing Processes and Production Assessment.

MSSC - Maintenance Awareness
Get a better understanding of what is “behind” the production equipment you may be working with. You will learn about preventive maintenance processes and how to monitor equipment to assure optimum performance for the long haul. Some time will be spent learning about electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, automation, lubrication and drive systems as they apply to a variety of process lines. The goal is to prepare you for the MSSC Maintenance Awareness Assessment.

MSSC - Certification Assessments
These proctored sessions are open to any of the four assessments; safety, quality, manufacturing, and maintenance. Each assessment contains about 100 multiple-choice questions and takes about 75-90 minutes to complete. Your successful completion of each assessment will be rewarded with a national MSSC certificate for that topic. Upon completion of all four, you will receive an MSSC Certified Production Technician Certificate.