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The following descriptions represent the variety of training offerings that can be made available to your organization. Each can be customized and/or combined with others to produce the training solution you seek. Please contact Colleen Koerth at 608-743-4597 for more information.

OFFICE 2010® - Transitioning to the New Suite 
If you are moving to Office 2010 from an earlier version of Microsoft’s Office Suites, you may be able to reduce the anguish of the transition by providing your employees with focused training on the new layout and capabilities of Office 2010. Consider that the employee has already reached a level of competence with word processing, spreadsheet development, and even presentation construction. Don’t fall too far back into functionality. Move directly from the known into the unknown and start there.

MS OUTLOOK® - Maximize Your Communications Power
Today a vast majority of the business population uses some kind of technology to enhance communication: text messaging, Twitter, Hotmail, Gmail and Microsoft’s Outlook. The question is, are they getting the full functionality out of Outlook? Take into account the calendar features of Outlook, or the To Do list, or contact management, or journal entries or managing files and distribution lists. Training on Outlook can be customized to the specific needs of the client. Training can even include email etiquette and ethics.

MS EXCEL® - Learn What can be Done with a Spreadsheet
Finally a practical solution to train Excel users! Breaking Excel down to its most useful and significant parts allow all participants to benefit! No more training sessions slowed down by wide ranging skill levels. Imagine what you can learn in a few short hours dedicated strictly to specific capabilities within Excel that you would like to master.
Sessions can be developed to meet very specific needs. Examples include variations and combinations of the following:

  • Formulas: Use named ranges, audit formulas, locate and resolve errors, identify dependencies in formulas
  • Functions:  Use common statistical, date/time, financial and logical functions; use Lookup and Reference functions
  • EXCEL Charts: Create, modify, and position diagrams and charts based on worksheet data
  • Pivot Tables: Create Pivot tables and Pivot charts; Create reports from Pivot Table and Charts
  • Data Sharing: Use conditional formats; Use data validation, passwords and protections; Merge workbooks; Track, accept or reject changes to workbooks
  • Data Analysis: Create, edit, and run macros; Forecast values with what-if analysis Define and apply filters 

MS WORD® - Making it Work for You
If you are just learning word processing we can provide the basic training. If you are a moderate user of MS Word, we can provide advanced training. If you have specific features you would like to learn within MS Word, we can also do that training. The customization of the training is up to the defined needs that are expressed by the client. Consider advanced formatting, using page numbers, headers, footers, footnotes, endnotes, workgroup editing, creating columns, calculating tabular information, using charts and forms, applying borders/ shading, inserting graphics/special characters, using macros, generating a mail merge and managing files. We can focus the training on any or all of these features.

ADOBE ACROBAT® - Generating Documents and Forms
Learn how your business can use the power of Adobe Acrobat® in communications and documentation. This software can generate documents that can be opened and disseminated on virtually any personal computer. Easily create electronic forms all by yourself - no need for assistance from IT or a designer Make your electronic forms look just like existing paper forms, but better Make static forms interactive by adding text fields, check boxes, and drop-down menus Create a customized experience with interactive forms that change with user input Allow virtually anyone to fill in and save PDF forms using free Adobe® Reader® software.

Ask about training on other compatible Adobe products such as Dreamweaver® and Photoshop®,

MS PROJECT® - The Tool for Managing a Successful Project 
Microsoft Office Project is you robust project management tool with the right blend of usability, power, and flexibility, so you can manage projects more efficiently and effectively. You can stay informed and control project work, schedules, and finances, keep project teams aligned, and you can be more productive through integration with familiar Microsoft Office system programs, powerful reporting, guided planning, and flexible tools. We can provide customized training on both the use of the MS Project tools and the process of managing a successful project.