Success Skills Training

This curriculum is designed to emphasize that often sought “work ethic” that makes the transition of a new employee into your workforce smoother and faster.

The competencies below are listed in logical clusters; however they can be combined in almost any way to provide the most specific and efficient solution to your training needs. Please contact Colleen Koerth at 608-743-4597 for more information.

Respects the contributions of others
Interacts with diverse groups
Volunteers for tasks
Demonstrates a positive attitude
Accepts constructive criticism
Demonstrates effective customer service skills
Practices good work attitudes by doing a good job

Demonstrates active listening skills
Demonstrates the ability to speak clearly
Demonstrates the ability to write clearly
Demonstrates professional non-verbal behavior
Demonstrates an understanding of how his/her personal style influences others

Generally makes good decisions
Is willing to make decisions when needed
Gathers enough information before making decisions
Seeks input from others before making decisions
Consistently communicates decisions to others

Identifies problems to be solved
Seeks an appropriate problem solving solution
Collaborates with others to seek solution
Applies appropriate resources
Demonstrates the ability to change in response to customer needs

Follows policies and procedures
Completes assigned tasks on time
Contributes to process improvement initiatives
Dresses appropriately
Meets attendance expectations
Takes initiative
Manages time effectively
Demonstrates ability to handle stress in a positive manner
Viewed by co-workers as dependable

Participates in identifying team goals
Works together effectively to accomplish team goals
Encourages team members and helps resolve conflicts
Contributes to assessing outcomes to ensure results
Viewed by others at work as easy to approach
Works well with others to get good job results