Satisfactory Academic Progress

Minimum Standards for All Financial Aid Students

Students receiving financial aid must make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) toward the completion of course requirements in a certificate or degree program approved for aid.  All applicable credits will be reviewed and included even if you did not receive financial aid for them. To be considered making satisfactory progress at BTC you must meet ALL of the following criteria.

1.  Completion Rate Requirement

Students must successfully complete 67% of the credit hours attempted each term and overall. 

NOTE: Hours attempted is defined as the total credit hours you are enrolled in as of the last date for 80% tuition refund. All classes enrolled in including repeated courses, withdrawals, incompletes and transfer credits will be counted toward credits attempted.  Hours attempted will not include Pre College (PC) or Basic Skills (BS) credits. 

2.  Grade Point Average Requirement

Students must maintain a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) each term and overall.  The GPA evaluation will not consider transfer, Pre College (PC) or Basic Skills (BS) grades.  For course repeats only the most recent grade is counted.

3.  Maximum Time Frame Requirement

Students must complete an associate degree or certificate within a specified time period. 

Students earning an associate degree, technical diploma or qualified certificate must complete the program with no more than one and one half times (150%) the number of credits required for graduation.  The following guidelines will be used to calculate your maximum time frame. 

Students may receive financial aid until they attempt the following: 

o   2 year Program – 102 credits

o   1 year program – 48 credits

o   1 Semester Program – 24 credits


Attempted credits are defined as those you were enrolled in at the end of the 80% refund period or credits transferred into BTC from another school.  Pre College (PC) courses that are eligible for financial aid will be included in the maximum time frame. 

Pre College Course Requirement

Up to 30 attempted credits of Pre College (PC) non-program credits may be included in the evaluation of your SAP.  It is required that while taking Pre College (PC) courses you also must be enrolled in at least ONE program credit course to receive a student loan.

Repeated Coursework

Repeated credits may be included in enrollment status only once if previously passed. 


Financial aid recipient’s satisfactory progress is evaluated after the completion of each semester of the academic year. (Fall, Spring and Summer)  Evaluations will be based on courses completed at BTC and transfer credits. Should the evaluations indicate the terms of the policy have not been met, the student will be placed on warning. 

Students who do not meet the SAP requirements while on warning will be placed on Financial Aid suspension until they have met the requirements stated in this policy. 


You may appeal for reinstatement of aid to the Financial Aid Committee.  An appeal form will need to be completed and returned to the Financial Aid Office for review by the Financial Aid Committee.      

A decision on the appeal will be made within ten working days from the date the Financial Aid Committee receives the appeal.  You will receive the decision of the appeal via email.  All decisions made by the Committee are final.  

If your appeal is approved for financial aid reinstatement you will be placed on Financial Aid probation.  After the Financial Aid probation semester, you must meet the SAP standards OR successfully follow an academic plan you have made after meeting with a BTC counselor that ensures SAP by a specific point in time. 


The policy does not preclude a student from enrolling in subsequent self-funded semesters (unless you are on Academic Suspension) and reestablishing satisfactory progress.  Financial Aid may be reinstated by the Financial Aid Office when a student is again making satisfactory academic progress as stated in this policy.   Please refer to the Student Handbook for details on the Standards of Academic Progress policy which is a separate policy from the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.