Health Sciences

Welcome to the Health Sciences Division at Blackhawk Technical College. The programs offered by this Division help students prepare for employment in the health care industry and combine the highest quality instruction with clinical experience in hospitals and other state of the art health care settings.

Health Sciences is proud to partner with many community agencies, area colleges, and school districts to offer training and academic support to meet your needs. Discover what programs and classes are right for you.

Contact Nancy Lightfield, Dean at Office: (608) 757-7750 

Health Science programs include:

Four BTC Health Science programs that use a competitive petition process for program entry:

The petition process is explained at length at the petition meetings, held multiple times during the year (see specific program petition pages), as well as with a program advisor when the academic plan is devised. These meetings include break-out sessions that include program-specific information.  Consequently, any student considering petitioning more than one program will need to attend more than one meeting. 

Health Science programs that do not use a competitive petition process:

The Mission of the Health and Human Services area is:

"To provide dynamic education using diverse delivery systems to prepare quality human service professionals for the community."

Nancy Lightfield is the Dean of Health and Human Services and can be reached at (608) 757-7750.