The physical therapist assistant (PTA) is a technically educated health provider who assists the physical therapist (PT) in the provision of physical therapy and may perform physical therapy interventions selected by the supervising PT. The PTA works under the direction and supervision of the PT, helping manage conditions such as back and neck injuries related to work and sports, and others. PTA's work in a broad range of settings. Employment opportunities for PTA's are located in hospitals, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing, sub acute, and long-term care facilities, home health agencies, schools, hospice, industrial health clinics, community health centers, fitness centers and sports training facilities, and colleges and universities.

Total Credits in Program (available at BTC):

835-103 - Student Success
Students should take this course prior to or during the first semester of their program. This is an institutional requirement for all students

Note: Semester schedules are displayed in the recommended order of completion. However, classes may be taken in any order, providing course and/or program pre-requisites and co-requisites are satisfied.

First Semester
  Course Number Course Title Credits
   806-177  Gen Anatomy & Physiology  4
   806-139  Survey Of Physics  3
   801-195  Written Communication  3
   801-196  Oral/Interpersonal Comm  3
   804-107  College Mathematics
Second Semester
  Course Number Course Title Credits
   524-138  PTA Kinesiology 1
  (First 9 Weeks)
   524-141  PTA Kinesiology 2
  (Second 9 Weeks)

   524-139  PTA Patient Interventions  4
   809-198  Intro to Psychology  3

Third Semester
  Course Number Course Title Credits
   524-147  PTA Clinical Practice 1  2
   524-142  PTA Therapeutic Exercise  3
   524-143  PTA Therapeutic Modalities  4
   524-145  PTA Princ of Musculo Rehab  4
Fourth Semester
  Course Number Course Title Credits
   524-140  PTA Professional Issues 1  2
   524-144  PTA Princ of Neuro Rehab  4
   524-146  PTA Cardio & Integ Mgmt  3
   524-148  PTA Clinical Practice 2  3
   809-166  Intro to Ethics: Theory & App  3

Fifth Semester
  Course Number Course Title Credits
   809-172  Race Ethnic & Diversity  3
   524-149  PTA Rehab Across the Lifespan  2
   524-150  PTA Professional Issues 2
   524-151  PTA Clinical Practice 3  5