For Teachers and Administrators

Articulation Information for High School Teachers, Counselors, and Administrators

Articulation Benefits

Articulation agreements between your high school and Blackhawk Technical College offer substantial benefits to your students.

  • They allow the high school student to earn technical college credit for certain courses while still in high school.
  • They ease the transition from high school to college.
  • They reduce the repetition in curriculum.
  • They provide a head start on Blackhawk Technical College programs.
  • They reduce college tuition costs by earning college credit for free while taking high school courses.
  • They have no cost to high school students or their parents.

Information About the Two Types of Articulation Agreements

Both Transcripted Credit AND Advanced Standing Agreements

  • Student takes the course while in high school, at the high school, taught by a high school teacher.
  • The high school teacher covers Blackhawk Technical College curriculum.
  • The high school student receives high school credit when they pass the course.
  • There is no cost to high school students or their parents to take high school courses with Blackhawk Technical College articulation agreements.
Transcripted Credit Agreements

  • The high school teacher grades according to the Blackhawk Technical College grading scale.
  • The successful student earns a "C" or better to receive college credit.
  • The successful student establishes a college transcript that can be requested from the college (a processing fee may apply).
  • The Transcripted Credits earned are accepted within the Wisconsin Technical College System.
  • The Transcripted Credits earned may be accepted by other institutions (check with the college of your choice to see if this is applicable).
Advanced Standing Agreements

  • The successful student earns a "B" or better to be eligible to claim the credit at Blackhawk Technical College.
  • The college credits are awarded to the student upon being admitted to the college and enrolling in classes.
  • The student must enroll at Blackhawk Technical College within 2 1/2 years of high school graduation.

Additional Information

  • The high school will obtain and keep on file written parental consent giving permission for their students to participate in earning articulated credit.
  • High school administration selects the courses to articulate that will build on the high school's curriculum and academic career plans for the students.
  • Agreements are established in the fall semester for the following academic year.
  • The high school course selection catalogue can accurately reflect which of the high school courses have agreements in place.
  • The high school counselors, as well as high school parents, have more advanced knowledge so they can advise students which classes have articulation agreements at registration time.

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