What is High School Articulation

Blackhawk Technical College works with public high schools in Rock and Green counties to develop articulation agreements. These agreements:

  • Allow the high school student to earn technical college credit for certain courses while still in high school.
  • Ease the transition from high school to college.
  • Reduce the repetition in curriculum.
  • Provide a head start on Blackhawk Technical College programs.
  • Reduce college tuition costs by earning college credit for free while taking high school courses.
  •  Involve no cost to high school students or their parents.


Both Transcripted Credit AND Advanced Standing Agreements

  • Student takes the course while in high school, at the high school, taught by a high school teacher.
  • The high school teacher covers Blackhawk Technical College curriculum.
  • The high school student receives high school credit when they pass the course.
  • There is no cost to high school students or their parents to take high school courses with Blackhawk Technical College articulation agreements.
Transcripted Credit Agreements

  • The high school teacher grades according to the Blackhawk Technical College grading scale.
  • The successful student earns a "C" or better to receive college credit.
  • The successful student establishes a college transcript that can be requested from the college (a processing fee may apply).
  • The Transcripted Credits earned are accepted within the Wisconsin Technical College System.
  • The Transcripted Credits earned may be accepted by other institutions (check with the college of your choice to see if this is applicable).
Advanced Standing Agreements

  • The successful student earns a "B" or better to be eligible to claim the credit at Blackhawk Technical College.
  • The college credits are awarded to the student upon being admitted to the college and enrolling in classes.
  • The student must enroll at Blackhawk Technical College within 2 1/2 years of high school graduation.