Why Get Involved

Who Benefits

A dynamic youth apprenticeship partnership offers huge benefits to students, employers, and the local community.

Students gain a qualified skill set and credit for post secondary education while gaining the business skills they need to further their career.

Employers can grow their business by recruiting high quality workers from the Rock Valley area, reducing turnover of entry-level jobs, building greater employee loyalty, and promoting a positive image by training area youth.

The Local Community is strengthened by a healthy educational environment, vibrant business sector, and increased options for area youth.


Student Testimonials



 “[After Youth Apprenticeship] I completely changed my views on what my career goal was going to be. I have learned about so many new opportunities to make money that I never knew were available to me.”

Jacob, Manufacturing YA

Clinton, WI



“Youth Apprenticeship has helped me with my career goals by making me more marketable for any job, whether it’s in a nursing home or dentist office.”

Christine, Health Services YA
Janesville, WI


"It’s a really rewarding experience to have tried on something for size before graduating. Without this opportunity, I wouldn’t know where I’d be going after high school; I wouldn’t know what’s out there. By experiencing medicine in a physical way, I know that’s where I want to be. By being able to do that in high school…has been tremendously helpful to me."

Jesse, Health Services YA
Clinton, WI