Steps to change your temporary password

1. Click here to open Webmail in a separate tab.

2. Enter the user name you were provided in the top line.
    a. Example: frogers5 (you may or may not have a number on the end of your user name)

3. In the next line, enter your temporary password.  This is always Blackhawk +  your student ID number (including all 0’s)
    a. Example: Blackhawk000123456

4. Create Password Screen will come up (One box with 4 entry options)
    a. Enter your user name and temporary password again in the top 2 spaces.
    b. Create your new password in the next space. 
*Your password must be at least 8 characters, have a capital letter and a number or special character
    c. Enter your new password again in the last box.

5. Once successfully created, close out of the current tab.

6. Return to the Blackhawk home page (

7. Select the ONLINE SERVICES tab.

8. Select the MyBTC login and enter the user name and password that was just created.

The MyBTC portal is your connection to BTC resources. You can access the portal with your network username and password. In the portal you can access information and your student records, including:

  • Email
  • Blackboard
  • Register for classes
  • Financial Aid
  • Grades
  • Calendar of Important Dates

You will be prompted to enter your password again the first time you access systems within the portal and after a password change.

Remember: Always sign out, close the browser, and log off the computer when you finish.

Questions? – Contact the IT help desk at (608) 757-7711

What’s my username & password?

Your username is the first initial of your first name and your last name (no spaces between). Some users will have numbers added to ensure uniqueness. Your username can be found on your acceptance letter or on your registration schedule/bill when you register for classes.

Your password is initially set to Blackhawk and your 9 digit student ID number (found on your acceptance letter or on your registration schedule/bill). Example initial password: Blackhawk000123456

All users must register their security questions promptly after the first log in. Go to the Password Reset link in the Online Services menu at You need to know your current username and password to register your answers. By doing so, if you forget your password you will be able to reset it by correctly answering your saved questions.

Register your security questions