Our IT Division

The Information Technology Division enables the College to deliver high quality, efficient and effective services to students, staff and faculty, by providing a range of centralized IT services; overseeing IT policies, standards and architecture; and promoting cross-department collaboration for identifying services. The department is part of the Finance and College Operations.

The Information Technology Division is structured around four lines of business.

  • Support Services
  • Systems and Application Services
  • Network Infrastructure Services
  • Enterprise Resource Program (ERP) Services

These four lines of business are aligned under two key Information Technology units; Management Information Systems (MIS) and Information Technology Services (ITS) and are defined to enable us to deliver cost effective IT services, strengthen our customer service focus, balance the distribution of responsibilities and establish clear accountability throughout the IT department. This alignment also simplifies our organization and integrates common or related functions to create a more logical business structure.


Be a high-quality, expert-level technology service partner.


Positively affect the education process through research, development, implementation and premier support of technology for the Blackhawk Technical College community.