Introduction to Virtual Desktops

Virtual Desktops Overview

The ITS division is now offering Virtual Desktops.  Virtual Desktops are a way to access BTC network resources (i.e. H, J, N drives, intranet, Microsoft Office) from remote locations with internet access.

 The Virtual Desktops provide a desktop interface similar to a workstation with the applications that you need for remotely working on documents (i.e. Microsoft Office).  This also provides a reliable connection to your H, J, N, and P Drives and other network drives. 

Important InformationIf you have never used Virtual Desktops, please request approval for access from your supervisor, who will in turn submit the request to the helpdesk, signifying their approval.

Remote Access using Virtual Desktops:

1.  From a Windows computer visit

2.  Follow the instructions as prompted to install the VMware View client on your PC. (You only have to do this one time)

3.  Once you have that installed, it will prompt you for your Blackhawk username and password.

4.  Once you’re logged in, you’ll be on a virtual desktop that is on the BTC network, with access to your home directory, network drives, Office applications, etc.

 The next time you want to log in, you can launch the client or just visit the page.

Important Notes:

1. Do not save any files to the remote desktop's desktop. Always save to a network share (H, J, K, etc). The virtual machine you’re using will be destroyed and replaced with a fresh one for the next user.

2. The remote desktop connection is encrypted using 128bit AES encryption and complies with Federal regulations regarding network and data security protocols.