Student Services

Advising Services

Advising services are available at the Monroe Campus to assist students with their academic and career goals. Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor to discuss program and course expectations, explore new options, review assessment scores, and evaluate transfer credits. Additionally, advisors can provide assistance with personal issues and provide crisis intervention or professional referrals.

Students can schedule an appointment by calling 608-328-1660 or e-mailing questions to

Learning Lab

Instructors can assist students with writing assignments along with basic math and algebra.  Contact the ASD division in Monroe at 608-329-8204 for more information including available services and open learning lab times.

Services For Students With Disabilities

BTC assists students with disabilities by providing appropriate accommodations when requested.  If you have a disability for which you may need special accommodations contact the Monroe Campus Advisor at 608-328-1660 or Disability Services Coordinator at 608-757-7796 D/HH call 711 or

Financial Aid

Students interested in applying for federal and state grants, work-study (jobs on campus) and loans, should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  The form is available online at .  Appropriate federal income tax returns will be necessary in order to complete the application.  Questions regarding financial aid should be directed to the Financial Aid Office located at the Central Campus (Janesville) at 1-800-498-1282 ext. 7664. A  financial aid representative is available for appointments at the Monroe Campus twice a month. If you would like to make an appointment, please call 608-328-1660 or e-mail at .


New Student Orientation

Incoming students are encouraged to attend the New Student Orientation program at the Monroe Campus.  Orientations are held before the start of the semester and include campus tours, information about resources, and assistance with using campus technology.  Check with the Monroe Campus information desk for upcoming orientation dates.



Monroe Campus does not have a bookstore available on campus.  However, prior to the beginning of each semester the BTC Bookstore staff deliver pre-ordered textbooks to students at the Monroe Campus.  Check with the Monroe Campus information desk for the bookstore delivery date.  You may also visit the BTC Bookstore website at