Computer Hardware Support Certificate


Computer Hardware Support Technician Program Video on YouTube

(13 credits)*

This certificate program provides the extensive hands-on training with hardware, software, and operating systems needed to keep PC-based systems operational and functioning at peak efficiency. These courses provide the basic knowledge, attitudes, skills, and habits needed to guide and implement the systematic enhancement of PC based systems as the technology continues to evolve. Students will learn to: assemble/disassemble a complete PC; diagnose and repair hardware/software problems; install and configure PC hardware; resolve memory conflicts; install, configure, optimize and troubleshoot hardware, software and operating systems.

Course Name Credits Lec-Lab
Semester 1
631-100 Microcomputer Fundamentals 3 varies
631-101 PC Software Fundamentals
3 varies
IT Customer Service Fundamentals 3 varies
631-102 PC Peripherals & Troubleshooting
3 varies
631-111 PC Hardware Assessment
1 varies

* Participants must complete BTC’s program admission process for certain certificates. Pre-requisite: Must be registered in the Computer Service Technician Program.