Electro-Mechanical Technology

also referred to as Automated Systems Technology

The study of automated systems will give graduates the ability and skills to work with today’s computer integrated systems and robotics. The student will acquire knowledge and the ability to build and service equipment that is in high demand. The student will learn problem-solving skills to build and repair equipment.

The demand for automated systems technicians is high and many area companies are hiring technicians to design, construct, and support their computer systems. Graduates from this program fill positions in companies that use computer-driven control systems and mechanisms. This program emphasizes programming, design, updating, servicing, and operation of automated equipment and robotics systems. The technician is involved with many stages and aspects of an automation system.

In response to employer and student demand for additional educational opportunities, BTC has created a pathway certificate called Entry Maintenance Worker and an embedded technical diploma called Entry Maintenance Technician within the Electro Mechanical Technician Program. These can be earned while taking courses within the main program.  These additional opportunities provide students a set of industry recognized skills and abilities that will prepare them for entry level employment.

Students who plan to pursue this program should understand most of your classes will be located at the Advanced Manufacturing Center, however a select number of your general education courses will be located at the central campus in Janesville.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Integrate safety protocol
  • Locate and interpret specifications, processes, schematics and procedures
  • Operate power and hand tools and standard test equipment
  • Remove and replace system and component parts correctly
  • Repair defective components or systems
  • Diagnose the operation condition of components or systems
  • Service systems and components
  • Modify systems and components
  • Complete and maintain appropriate documentation for systems and processes