Industrial Mechanic

The Industrial Mechanic program has been designed to give knowledge and the multi-craft skills needed to maintain complex and integrated manufacturing systems. This program seeks to provide a broad base of skills that are suitable for initial or upgrade training. Blackhawk Technical College’s faculty brings real-world experience to the classroom. The major training areas will be: machining, electricity and hydraulics. Supporting disciplines are: blueprint reading, welding, rigging, refrigeration fundamentals, and drives and linkages. Classes combine lecture and laboratory experience to provide the maximum amount of information and practical exposure. Safety policies and procedures will be taught and strictly adhered to.

This practical program provides extensive hands-on training. Graduates of the Industrial Mechanics program will have the knowledge, skills, and work habits necessary to maintain and troubleshoot today’s complex equipment. In today’s manufacturing environment more knowledge is needed to understand highly integrated manufacturing systems.

Upon successful completion of 462-335 (Refrigeration Fundamentals), students will be eligible to take the EPA Section 608 Refrigerant Handling Examination.

Manufacturers continue to automate in search of greater productivity and consistent quality. A typical manufacturing environment now consists of several machines integrated and dependent on each other. Individual machines are joined by a conveyance system all of which require knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and fluid power. In order to successfully maintain and troubleshoot modern systems, more knowledge and skills are required of individual maintenance workers.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Work safely in accordance with OSHA Standards
  • Integrate mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems
  • Communicate technical information effectively
  • Install and troubleshoot basic electrical circuits
  • Install and troubleshoot basic hydraulic circuits
  • Apply machine shop fundamentals
  • Apply problem solving skills and troubleshooting methods

Career Outlook:

Workers who advance to journeyman status, gain experience, and continue to upgrade their skills, typically enjoy the highest hourly wage rate at their facilities. Skilled maintenance is highly desirable because of competitive wages and a high level of job satisfaction.