Mechanical Design Technology

A mechanical design technician is trained to be an involved member of the engineering team engaged in the design, planning, development and testing of mechanical components and machines.

Training for this career requires technical skills of drafting, and knowledge of scientific and engineering principles as related to and applied to design.

Mechanical design technicians apply the theory and principles of mechanical engineering to design, development, and testing of machinery and mechanical equipment under direction of the engineering staff and physical scientists. Duties include review of project instructions, contracts, and specifications to determine test values, manufacturing procedures and component functions.

A designer uses engineering specifications and data, information from handbooks, equipment manuals, suppliers, catalogs, etc., which help determine whether an existing design is practical or economical to produce. The engineer may also be called upon to apply knowledge of basic engineering principles to solve design problems, such as those involving tolerances, strength, speeds, motion, or the selection of the proper standard components for a mechanical device.

Graduates may find positions dealing with product development, equipment design, technical advisors, tool design, machinery design, and other technical level positions as associates with the field of mechanical engineering. There is good opportunity for advancement beyond entry-level employment for graduates of the Mechanical Design Technology program.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Solve mechanical and spatial related problems
  • Design mechanical components using CAD software
  • Analyze and improve existing mechanical component drives
  • Recommend mechanical power transfer system upgrades in the realm of machine design
  • Utilize supporting software applications program aimed at supporting design changes
  • Design cost effective mechanical components
  • Work as a constructive and effective design team member
  • Balance design considerations with existing and future technology

Career Outlook:

Well-qualified mechanical design technicians should experience good employment opportunities through the year 2020. Employment is expected to increase due to the expected continued growth in the output of technical products. Industrial expansion and complex technological changes such as robotics and automation will create a demand for more technicians. Technicians with computer-assisted design experience are more likely to obtain employment.