Agribusiness Specialist

The Agribusiness Specialist program provides students with the skills and experience for future agricultural employment in a variety of settings including: production, service and supply, marketing and sales, research, and agricultural tourism. Emphasis will be on career leadership, agribusiness management, safe and sustainable agriculture, and renewable energy. Further emphasis will be on leadership skills and agricultural tourism.

Program Outcomes

  • Evaluate Agribusiness management and technology use to enhance management practices to increase profitability.
  • Apply management practices to produce agronomic crops in a profitable manner.
  • Apply management practices to produce livestock products in a profitable manner.
  • Identify potential career choices and apply skills necessary to gain employment.
  • Research and utilize appropriate resources to solve problems.
  • Use appropriate verbal communication techniques in personal and professional settings.
  • Follow all safety and precautionary measures when working in agribusiness.
  • Utilize strategies to market agricultural products based on predicted trends in agribusiness.
  • Appreciate the diversity of agriculture and the use of sustainable practices