Individualized Technical Studies

The Individualized Technical Studies Degree is intended for currently employed individuals or other students who have a specific career objective that cannot be met by BTC s existing degree programs. By combining State Board approved courses from two or more major areas of study, students may, along with an occupational mentor, modify an occupational degree program into a unique Associate degree.

Admission requires each student to participate in advising and planning sessions, which include the following:

  • Provide flexibility in programming to meet the educational needs of individuals based on their particular career goals.
  • Emphasize the individual's career goals that cannot be achieved through enrollment in any single instructional program currently available at BTC.
  • Develop a plan outlining the student's career objectives.
  • Identification of an occupational mentor who is familiar with the skills and abilities needed in positions similar to that sought by the student.
  • Provide documentation of career goals and objectives.

Program Requirements

General Education courses will be drawn from communication, mathematics, science, and behavioral and social sciences. Each student also will complete a minimum of 36 credit hours of individualized technical studies (including at least three credit hours of computer-related courses). Students may use courses from all departments at BTC. A minimum of 20 of these credits must be focused in one discipline. The selection of these courses must be relevant to the student s career goals and should provide sufficient hours of concentration in one or two specific technical areas to ensure technical competence in achieving his or her occupational goals.