Mentoring Program

The goal of the mentoring program is to provide students an opportunity to connect with individuals in the college & community that will enhance the Blackhawk Technical College experience. 

Students interested in getting a mentor:

Students who are looking ways to ensure that their educational and career goals are met should definitely consider joining the Blackhawk Technical College Mentoring Program.  The program will provide students consistent contact with a mentor who will provide valuable information regarding college & career resources.   To sign up to be a mentee, please fill out the mentee application.

Mentee Application

Students/Faculty/Staff interested in serving as a mentor:

Mentors have the opportunity to help students stay connected to college resources, help mentees find opportunities for student engagement, and impact student success. Mentors may earn up to $100* for each student they mentor.  This stipend is contingent on successful completion of all mentoring responsibilities.  To apply to be a mentor, please fill out the mentor application.

Mentor Application

*Participants must meet program requirements to qualify.  More information will be shared at a mentor & mentee orientation.