A jump start to the world of welding

Any man or woman who tinkers in the garage doesn’t ever want to leave anything to chance.

Enter Mark Prosser, a Blackhawk Technical College welding instructor, and his partner, Bryan Fuller, to assist all those weekend tinkerers who envision the day that they may call their garages their shops.

In “Full-Bore Welding, A Comprehensive Guide into the World of Welding,’’ Prosser and Fuller introduce welding to the novice and reinforce welding techniques to anyone interested in welding with tips and tools that will help one redesign a basic two-wheel bicycle to taking steps toward designing and fabricating your own car, motorcycle or simply fixing your garden tractor.

“This book is not a typical textbook. It is intended for the beginning to intermediate welder,’’ Prosser said recently, shortly after the book made its debut at the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association trade show in Las Vegas in November.

“This book is for people of any age to get them hooked on welding. This is for the doctor or lawyer or any professional who likes to spend Saturdays in the garage working on something.

“We’ve tried to break down complex information into very simple words to let them know they can do it, too.’’

Once upon a time, Prosser and Fuller were those two kids in the garage turning that run of the mill bicycle into the neighborhood special. They came to know each other while building a custom motorcycle with students at a former school Prosser taught at.

Prosser started welding in his father’s restoration and collision business in his youth before advancing into his formal welding education at Delta Community College and Ferris State in Michigan. He is in his seventh year as an instructor at Blackhawk.

Fuller received his biology degree from the University of North Texas before abandoning his formal education to turn his welding avocation into his vocation. He is instantly recognized thanks to a number of regular television appearances. He currently is the host of “Naked Speed,’’ which will air on the Velocity channel starting in February. He also owns and operates a nationally recognized custom hot rod shop, Fuller Hot Rods, in Atlanta.

“Full-Bore Welding’’ is their second how-to book, following “Full-Bore Sheet Metal.’’

Angie Kablar, Blackhawk’s publication specialist and graphic designer, provided the design and graphics on this and the first book. Kelly Prosser, Prosser’s cousin, was the book’s editor. Technical support was provided by Lincoln Electric, the largest welding company in the world that is based in Cleveland.

The forward was written by television personality Mike Rowe, who currently is the host of CNN’s “Somebody’s Gotta Do It.’’

“Full-Bore Welding is packed with all sorts of useful tips for people who wish to master this all-important skill,’’ Rowe wrote. “But it’s also a love letter to the skilled trades, written at a time when the skilled trades could use some love.’’

The “love’’ Rowe writes about is apparent in the first chapter, simply titled, “Wisdom,’’ that introduces the artistic and scientific process of welding.

“The image of the smelly, dirty welder is a huge problem,’’ Prosser said. “Sure, welding can be a dirty job. But that’s not how it has to be these days.

“This is the book for people who want to get started in welding, for those who may be scared to take that first step. There is nothing to be scared of.’’