BTC Introduces New Emergency Notification System

Providing a safe learning environment is a top priority at Blackhawk Technical College.  Starting in January, BTC will begin using a state of the art, emergency notification system, better known as SAFE Alerts, to enhance our commitment to public and campus safety.

The SAFE Alert program allows students, faculty, and staff  to receive emergency messages through a variety of mediums including mobile or landline phones, texts or email.  Participation is FREE.

In an effort to jump start this program, all students, faculty and staff emails will be loaded into the system.  During the week of January 21, an introduction email will be sent out to all users with a link to customize your communication preferences.  BTC strongly recommends that users register your mobile or home phone number in addition to your email so that you will regularly receive weather alerts at home.

This system will not be used for anything other than emergency notifications such as severe weather alerts, emergency building concerns, intruders or other potential threats.  To ensure efficiency, the system will be tested periodically throughout the year.

To customize your communication preferences, click here.

To learn more about SAFE Alerts and our emergency systems, click here