Dispatcher Training

Emergency Dispatch CenterThe ETC program produced by the National Academies of Emergency Dispatch (NAED) is designed to train new employees unfamiliar with emergency communication centers & telecommunications the following: technology, interpersonal communication, legal issues, and handling job stress. The program takes an integrated teaching approach that features comprehensive content, multimedia presentations and hands on training. This course covers the following topics: Roles and responsibilities of the emergency telecommunicator, emergency telecommunications technology, telecommunications essentials, caller management, and police call classification, broadcast procedures and quality improvement among other topics.  The ETC is a non-credit certification course designed for not only new employees, but individuals wishing to seek certification for employment into the 911 telecommunications field. 

The course is a certification (noncredit) course and will be offered this fall (Nov 1 through Jan 31, 2013).  For more information please contact Terri Logan Dodge at 608-757-7691 or tdodge@blackhawk.edu