Educating future leaders

Blackhawk Technical College’s Career and Professional Development department will hold its Fall Leadership Conference on Saturday, November 7th, an open to the public event that will include three workshops aimed at helping participants enhance their leadership and problem solving skills.

Amy Climer, a Madison based business consultant at Climer Consulting, will make the keynote address entitled, “Your Creative Muscle: Use It or Lose It.’’ Climer also will direct a workshop on understanding the variety of social styles on display in the workplace.

Mary Weaver, head of Weaver International of Beloit, will guide a workshop dealing with leadership in the public sector entitled Civil Engagement. 

The final workshop will be directed by Ron Bucholz, the director of the Career and Leadership Development office at UW-Whitewater. Bucholz’s workshop will focus on the skills needed to manage one’s life when the person is found in a leadership position with great time demands.

Lunch and snacks will be provided to all participants.  

To register, contact Stephanie Williams at or 608-757-7702.  Blackhawk students may also sign up by visiting the Student Success Center at Central Campus.