Sixty-five students earn GED or HSED diplomas

Sixty-five students from seven area communities recently received their General Education Degree (GED) or High School Equivalency Degree (HSED) through studies sponsored at Blackhawk Technical College.

Those students were:             

From Beloit:
Robert A. Boesen II (HSED);  KeWane S. Brown (GED); Cesar A. Castellanos (HSED); Ashley M. Crosby (GED); Angelica Zarco Diaz (HSED);  Dallas L. Faber (GED);  Ross C. Garland (GED); Minerva Gonzalez (GED); Kaylynn J. Grenawalt (GED); Bilial Hammette (GED); Evelyn A. Hatch (HSED); Celia Hernandez (GED); Robert D. Hurley (HSED); Dustin J. Jensen (GED);  Nelson Jurado (GED); Breanna L. Kulas (GED); Miguel A. Leon (GED); Brenda L. Lounsbury (GED); Michael C. Madding (HSED); Jessica C. Martin (GED); Braulio M. Mejia (GED); Jarrod  L. Mitchell (GED); Skie M. O’Leary (GED); Alyssa L. Ostenson (GED);  Ryan A. Riley (GED);  Rustin D. Roth (GED); Stephanie L. Schober (HSED); Sara Servin (GED); Anthony G. Smith Jr. (GED); Austin K. Smith (HSED); Larry A. Steel (GED).

Darien: Angela B. DeVries-Knowlton (GED).
Edgerton: Michelle C. Davis (HSED).
Evansville: Misty Anderson (GED); James. T. Cothard (HSED).

Joseph R. Ball (GED); Stephanie T. Christiansen (GED); Anne E. Showers-Curtis (HSED); Holly M. Dewey (HSED); Scott A. Hill (HSED); James K. Jass (GED); James M. Ludeking (GED); Kyle Olson (GED); Robert W. Oestreich (HSED);Chad A. Payne (GED); Andrew C. Rensberry (HSED); Jamison L. Salzman (GED);  Kirt M. Hoffman-Urbin (GED); Jared P. Winters (GED).

William P. Arndt (GED); Justin L. Buelteman (HSED); Michael A. Chase (GED); Matthew C. Kemen (HSED); Cody L. Meighan (HSED); Anthony J. Lewis (GED); AnDrue Moen (GED); David B. Pearson (GED).

Verona: Thomas J. Beckwith (HSED).

National statistics indicate that 70 percent of students who go through this process eventually continue their studies at two-year or four -year colleges. A number of recipients already attend or are planning to begin studies at BTC, according to Terese Tann, BTC’s chief examiner for the program.