Students help raise $$$ for Coins for Caring

A student service project directed by two Blackhawk Technical College instructors will continue this summer with a goal of reaching $2,000 for BTC’s Coins for Caring program.

Classes taught by Rubina Jan, a psychology instructor, and Dave Gile, an economics and ethics instructor, haveraised more than $850 for the program that provides emergency funds for BTC students in dire financial need.

“A project like this allows students to not only practice their academic learning but to teach the value of giving back and paying it forward,’’ said Jan.

This project is an extension of one begun during the fall semester of 2013 that raised $1,800 for victims of a devastating typhoon in the Philippines.

The fundraising endeavor relies on the definition established by the American Association of Community Colleges, which defines a service learning project as one that “combines community service with classroom instruction, focusing on critical, reflective thinking as well as personal and civic responsibility.

“Service learning programs involve students in activities that address local needs while developing their academic skills and commitment to their community.’’

Early in May, the project joined with the Courtyard Grill in the Commons, which donated 10% of one day’s receipts to the fund. Students also raised $100 at the annual Backyard Bash.

Donations will be accepted Monday at the annual BTC picnic for staff and instructors.