The picture looks good for radiography careers

Blackhawk Technical College is offering a program this fall semester for certified radiographers interested in advancing their skills into the field of Computed Tomography (CT and CAT scans).

Students will take three online academic courses and a clinical course over two semesters that will qualify them to perform Computed Tomography examinations and make them eligible for certification through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

“We are very excited to offer this certificate training program in Computed Tomography for radiographers,” said Joe Ipsen, Associate Dean of Health Science Division and Radiography Program Director.  “With the increasing use of CT as a diagnostic tool, the need for highly skilled CT technologists continues to grow.”

Ipsen added, “The certification body for CT technologists will soon be requiring structured education for those seeking certification. This program will satisfy those requirements.”

Each of the online classes – CT Anatomy, CT Procedures and CT Physics – also are worth 48 continuing education credits, which more than satisfies a certified radiographer’s continuing education requirements.

The clinical requirement is run in conjunction with medical providers and requires that a student be able to work 24 hours per week to develop on-the-job CT expertise to qualify for the CT certification examination.

Students employed as radiographers may be able to do their clinical experience at their place of employment.

Those interested must be able to document their ARRT certification, complete a physical exam and meet program health requirements, and undergo a Caregiver Background Check as required by Wisconsin law.

For further information, contact Joseph Ipsen at

Graduates of Blackhawk’s Radiography program must file an application form but are not required to pay the $30 application fee.